PACKAGE 1: { From Dream To Launch }


From blank page to published in 3 months flat.

PACKAGE 1: { From Dream To Launch }

1. Find Your Inner Voice


Writing your very own children’s book has been such a long dream. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be in life. Now is the time to breathe life into your characters that you’ve crafted so lovingly

2. Bring Out Your Very Best Story

You’re ready to write this incredible story of yours, one that will make your daughter’s heart melt and your son’s leap with excitement and joy

3. Illustrate

You are being provided with a list of carefully selected and highly qualified editors, illustrators, and marketing strategists

4. Share With The World


Release your beautifully crafted story book to the world, to your loved ones, and most importantly, to those special little ones in your life

“If you are a children’s writer, Eevi is the go-to person in the self-publishing field. I’ve been very lucky to find her and get her help and insight. I met her in a time when I was struggling and losing hope I would ever get to be a writer. Eevi helped me a lot with the mindset, she told me what to expect, helped me clarify my plan and gave me lots of ideas I would have never been able to find on my own.


She is both a mentor as well as a coach – she has experience in the field and she gives you the clarity every new author needs. When I decided I want to write stories for children, I started looking for help to learn how to write and market in both fiction and nonfiction fields, but I soon realized the picture book field is special and people that did not publish picture books, even if they were successful in their field, could not give me advice. This is why I recommend Eevi with all my heart.”

~ Anca N., Children’s Book Author

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Package 1:

Find Your
Inner Voice

  • Develop an extraordinary story idea for your children’s book.
  • Decide on the overall layout of your book and identify the specific steps you will take to work towards publishing your children’s book.
  • Identify your target audience that you get the most inspiration and joy from .
  • Specify the ideal word, illustration, and page count based on your target age group

Bring Out
Your Very Best

  • Craft a unique message you want to communicate within your book’s story, that reflects your values in a way that compels your little readers.
  • Develop all elements necessary for a professional and polished look.
  • The key to writing book titles and descriptions that will grab customers’ attention and make your book stand out


  • Find and commission talented illustrators to bring your treasured writing to life.
  • Find and commission experienced editors who will polish and perfect your cherished story.
  • Prepare all needed elements for a professional book cover and locate the best cover designers for your precious children’s book.
  • Walk through the formatting process for both paperback and ebook
  • Set up all necessary profiles and platforms in order to upload your ebook and paperback version

With The

  • Learn how to prepare for a first-class and successful launch to give your children’s book all the exposure it deserves
  • Create a flawless and strategic plan on how and where to market your book the most effective and efficient way
  • Receive high-quality resources and invaluable insights that will propel your launch to the next level

Pricing For { From Dream To Launch }:

Bi-Weekly Coaching


Six 1:1 Sessions 

Zoom Coaching Hours

Unlimited Email

3 Months



One-on-one, I’ll walk you through the entire process. From a blank page all the way to becoming a self-published children’s book author, you’ll know exactly what to do, every step of the way.

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