“Eevi is your go-to expert when it comes to self-publishing strategy!”

Eevi is your go-to expert when it comes to self-publishing strategy! In a matter of minutes, I had pages written down of invaluable insights to leverage my book launch and create a streamlined approach to what can be a very complicated, chaotic process. Eevi graciously shared her best-seller expertise and insider strategies to support me in making my book launch a success. I was blown away by her level of detail and organization and recommend her with the highest regard.

~ Dr. Gladys Ato, Bestselling Author of The Good Goodbye

“The information she provided will be invaluable as I get ready to  launch.”

“I’ve been reading up on marketing and attending live webinars on marketing for self-published authors. I thought that I already knew a lot. However, Eevi gave me TONS of useful information that had never been covered or even mentioned in any of my reading, podcast listening and webinar attending! The information she provided will be invaluable as I get ready to launch my first children’s book.”

~ Patty Costello., Ph.D., Author of Catalina And The King’s Wall

“Eevi truly knows what she’s talking about.”

Eevi truly knows what she’s talking about and is so generous with sharing specific information to help you get your book out there. I had a good idea of what I wanted my book to be about but I had no idea where to start, how to market it, or what kind of investment I needed to be aware of. Eevi helped me tremendously and made it look super doable although she’s also very realistic about what it takes. If you’re looking for someone to support you in writing, publishing, and marketing your book, I would highly recommend working with Eevi!

~ Melissa H. Meijer, Marketing Strategist

“She knows her stuff.”

“Eevi is incredible. And without Eevi’s patience and willingness to answer some questions this experience wouldn’t have been the same. She knows her stuff.”

~ Wendy Van de Poll, Bestselling Author of The Adventures of Ms Addie Pants

“Eevi wants you to succeed.”

“Eevi wants you to succeed. She cheered me on, gave really sound advice and reality check bits, and offered help with the project.”

~ Roxana Gramada, Copy Writer at

“Her advice is priceless!”

“I already had two books published when I approached Eevi. She generously shares her wealth of knowledge in the field: from the creative process to publishing, and – what I was most interested in – best book promotion tactics. Her advice is priceless! Coming from years of experience and a genuine willingness to help a fellow writer, she outlined for me some excellent strategies, with details on how to make them work for my books to save some time and money! Having direct access to such a valuable expert, I also had some technical questions… which were promptly answered.”

~ Gabriela Casineanu , Bestselling Author, Coach & Consultant

“I am very grateful for her help and expertise!”

“I had a great coaching call with Eevi. She was very easy to connect with and I felt she really listened and took the time to understand my project. She came up with excellent and creative ideas in regards to the illustrations for my book and I am very grateful for her help and expertise!”

~ Emma L. Segerstrom, Swedish-Born Writer, International Speaker, Coach

“She gave me lots of ideas I would have never been able to find on my own.”

“If you are a children’s writer, Eevi is the go-to person in the self-publishing field. I’ve been very lucky to find her and get her help and insight. I met her in a time when I was struggling and losing hope I would ever get to be a writer. Eevi helped me a lot with the mindset, she told me what to expect, helped me clarify my plan and gave me lots of ideas I would have never been able to find on my own.

She is both a mentor as well as a coach – she has experience in the field and she gives you the clarity every new author needs. When I decided I want to write stories for children, I started looking for help to learn how to write and market in both fiction and nonfiction fields, but I soon realized the picture book field is special and people that did not publish picture books, even if they were successful in their field, could not give me advice. This is why I recommend Eevi with all my heart.”

~ Anca N., Children’s Book Author